7 Reasons Why Cold Pressed Juices Are Totally Worth the Price Tag

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Cold-pressed juices in Singapore come at a premium, but why?

At Antidote Singapore, every bottle that we prepare contains about 1kg of the freshest herbs, fruits and vegetables; the resulting concoction is 100% pure juice. Everything that goes on behind the scenes just for one bottle of cold-pressed juice – from washing to juicing and all the way to labelling – takes us up to 30 minutes!

Plus, all the good stuff that goes into every bottle of juice makes each one a health-giving drink that brings with it a ton of benefits both for your body and soul.

7 Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juices

why cold pressed juices are worth the price tag
Image Source: Ja Ma | Unsplash

1. Provide a Lot of Nutrients and Vitamins

Cold-pressed juices are made with a 2-step process: first, vegetables and fruits are slowly ground into a pulp, next, pressure is slowly but gently applied on the pulp with a hydraulic press.

Since there wasn’t any heat involved during this process, the result is a liquid that contains all the natural vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and flavours of the fresh produce. With all these nutrients packed into a bottle of cold-pressed juice, just drinking one of these would be a quick way to get all the vitamins into your system.

2. Most Convenient Way to Incorporate Fruits and Vegetables in Your Diet

Each of our cold-pressed juice contains approximately 1kg worth of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. While most of us typically won’t be able to wolf down 1kg worth of fruits and vegetables in one sitting, consuming it as a juice makes it so much more palatable. Besides, you get all the nutrients so conveniently!

incorporating cold pressed juices to your lifestyle
Image Source: Gervyn Louis | Unsplash

3. Increase in Energy Levels

When you eat solid foods, your body uses up some of your energy to break it down into nutrients. However, by drinking cold-pressed juices, your body is absorbing nutrients that have already been extracted into the juice. Not having to use up energy to break down food leaves you with a larger reservoir of energy to go about your daily activities.

4. Boost Immune System

As flu season approaches, we can avoid catching the flu by improving our immunity! Cold-pressed juices that are rich in antioxidants, vitamin A (ie. Carrots, watermelons & spinach) and vitamin C (ie. Oranges, broccoli and lemons) are especially great for boosting your immune system to fend of the influenza.

5. Great for Skin

Cold-pressed juices are chocked-full of ingredients that are high in antioxidants which help to brighten your complexion for clear, glowing skin and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. The detoxing properties and benefits in some cold pressed juices help to cleanse and rejuvenate your body from the inside out too!

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6. Have Detoxifying Properties

cold pressed juices and detoxification effects to your body
Image Source: Hiu Yan Chelsia Choi | Unsplash

Our bodies are often subjected to environmental toxins such as exhaust fumes and smog. As a result, our liver and kidneys which are responsible for our body’s detoxification process have to work doubly hard. Cold-pressed juices can help your body detox which lessens the strain of detoxification on your body.

7. Promote Overall Health

Consuming sufficient fruits and vegetables are beneficial to both your mental and physical health! Did you know that people who consumed five servings of vegetables a day lived nearly three years longer than those who don’t? There have even been claims of regular juicing lowering the risk of heart disease and cancer. Drinking cold-pressed juices also incorporates fruits and vegetables into your diet that you might not have included otherwise. What’s more, such juices usually contain the kind of nutrients that would help improve your mood and quality of sleep.

With everything that goes into preparing just one bottle of cold-pressed juice – from the raw ingredients used to the elaborate preparation – it is no wonder that they come at such a steep price. And with all the long-term health benefits one can reap from just a bottle of cold-pressed juice? It’s certainly worth every penny!




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