Kombucha Subscription – Mixed Case – 12 Bottles Every 2 Weeks

You can get delicious fruity Kombucha delivered straight to your doorstep on your schedule every week. It’s easier than ever to enhance your gut health in a refreshing and tasty way with a subscription to Antidote’s Kombucha.

Choose between the Mixed Case, which gives you two bottles of each of 6 flavours, or just pick a single flavour for 12 bottles of your favourite kombucha.


  • Every Month –      For one person who consumes Kombucha once in a while.
  • Every 2 Weeks –   For one person who wants to drink Kombucha daily
  • Every Week –        For two people who want their daily dose of Kombucha. This is ideal for families or partners.

12 x 250ml bottles/delivery, billed monthly until cancelled. Contact us to change your selection of flavors at any time.


every 4 weeks


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