DIY Cold Pressed Juice Pack

Looking for a bit more flexibility, or know which juices you want already? You can now customise your own juice pack with this DIY option!

Suggested Consumption:

Consume one bottle every day before any meal for optimal absorption of nutrients. You can prepare a lighter meal to go with your juice.

Pack: 3 x 500ml

The DIY Pack works best as a supplement to your existing diet. If you’re looking for a full juice cleanse, check out our Cleanse Packs here!


Shelf Life

Store the cold-pressed juices for 4 days and Kombucha for 1 month in the refrigerator, starting from the date of delivery (day of delivery (evening) = 1st day; e.g. Relaxing Coconut Mylk with a 2 day shelf life must be consumed by the end of the 2nd day). All bottles will be labelled with “Consume by X days”.

All cold-pressed juices, nutmylks and Kombucha must be kept refrigerated (4 degrees Celsius and below) at all times until the time of consumption. If you bring the juices out, please put them in a cooler bag with an ice pack inside (Do not keep unrefrigerated for more than 3 hours).

Find out more about how to store or consume Antidote’s cold-pressed juices and nutmylks here.


At Antidote, quality is our highest priority. We aim to put healthy and tasty bottles of juice into the hands of every customer. However, we acknowledge that sometimes, you may not be entirely satisfied with your purchase. If so, we’re here to help you sort it out. We are open to considering refunds on a case-by-case basis. Full or partial refunds may be processed based on the feedback we receive. Please note that there will be a small fee that is charged by the payment processor.

If there is an issue with your order, please send us a photo of the products you received to our email or WhatsApp helpline.

Please note that due to the nature of our products, we do not provide any returns or exchanges.

For the rescheduling of deliveries, please inform us at least 1 day in advance.

To request same-day deliveries, kindly write to us. Please note that we will not refund orders from customers who assume they will receive same-day delivery. However, we are happy to reschedule the order for you.


We provide Islandwide delivery to your doorstep between 6PM to 10PM.

Please ensure that there is someone at the point of delivery to receive the package. Fresh juices should not be left unattended. Ensure that juices are refrigerated immediately upon receipt.

The earliest delivery we offer is next-day delivery. To request for same-day delivery, kindly write in to us at concierge@antidote.sg or WhatsApp 9181 7415

18 reviews for DIY Cold Pressed Juice Pack

  1. Kelly O.

    I think your nut mylks are very good! I tried coconut and blue maca. Best of all, I like that you’re able to offer delivery quite quickly and drinks are securely packed in separate cooler bags after i place an order – i used to order from HICJuice and the delivery slots are usually limited! And they packed their juices in plastic bags which i feared would break! Finally my suggestion is to make your yoghurts available for order if they are still placed on the menu list. Thanks! Love the customisation!

  2. June

    Tastes very yummy and wholesome. But a bit too pricey for me to be consuming it often. Although I would very much love to! Service was very prompt and responsive.

  3. Anonymous

  4. Louisa Tan

    Delivery on time, the Strawberry Chia Nut mylk was delicious, creamy and filling! Not a fan of the cacao nutmylk though, a bit too intense.

  5. Amanda W.

    Was skeptical at first cause $18 per bottle is really expensive, but honestly, I dont regret it! The bottle is huge and truly yummy.

  6. Anonymous

    Whole family (including toddler) loves these! I’ve been using them as nutrition supplements or snacks. I don’t necessarily do full juice diets anymore (though occasionally I still do), just replace a meal or snack with them and feel good about it since there is only healthy stuff in there.

  7. Anonymous

  8. Anonymous

  9. Anonymous

  10. Anonymous

  11. Anonymous

  12. Anonymous

  13. Anonymous

    Love the juices

  14. Expert Sera W.

  15. Jessica

    Overall very satisfied! 👍🏼

  16. Anonymous

    Price seems reasonable for the variety of ingredients and packaging. Would love to have more flexibility in adjusting for the ingredients as some of the ingredients may not be suited for different individual’s health (e.g. choice to swap between ingredients with similar benefits).

  17. Anonymous

  18. Expert Melissa

    Excellent customer service. Delivery so easy! If a bit less expensive I’d order a few time a week!

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