How You Can Lose Weight the Healthy Way

With most of us just getting down from the holiday high and easing into our normal day-to-day routines, perhaps the guilt of giving in to our gluttony has finally caught up on us. Or maybe you’re looking to shed some pounds for the Chinese New Year? A simple Google search would call up a multitude of ways you can lose weight ASAP. But are those necessarily healthy ways to lose weight? Unrealistic means of losing weight such as suddenly reducing your calorie count by half in a day could be harmful to your health. Such temporal, albeit effective, ways of losing weight aren’t effective in the long run – the weight that you’ve lost will undoubtedly be gained back in a flash. Set a realistic pace for your weight loss journey to maintain a healthy weight in the long term.

Turn to a healthier means of losing weight instead!

1. Reduce sugar and carb intake

Most of us consume unhealthy amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates that take the form of staples such as white rice and bread and irresistible treats like desserts. They digest really quickly and causes unhealthy spikes in blood sugar levels which can lead to fluctuations in energy and a build-up of fat especially around the waistline (love handles anyone?).

For many of us, our daily mealtimes generally consist of some kind of carb as a staple in our diet ie. Bread for breakfast, rice/noodle for lunch and dinner. Suddenly cutting back on something that contributes to a large portion of our diet can be daunting. However, you need not cut back an unrealistically amount of carbs all at once! Cut back little by little, gradually decreasing your carb-intake as you and your body gets accustomed to this change.

For the sweet-toothed, resisting the urge to reach out for a chocolatey snack or a cup of boba is near impossible especially after a heavy meal. Likewise, you don’t need to cut these sugary treats out of your diet completely! Say you normally grab a chocolate bar right after lunch and dinner, why not try restricting yourself to just having a sugary snack after lunch? Alternatively, Antidote’s nutmylks – the perfect replacement for when you are craving for something sweet (yet healthy!). Get your favourite nutmylks in a pack here:

2. Consume more protein and vegetables

Incorporating lots of protein and vegetables into your diet has been proven to boost one’s metabolism from 80 to 100 calories per day!

Not only that, with a low-carb high-protein diet, you’ll begin to notice a significant reduction in cravings. This is because protein makes you feel satisfied for a longer period of time than both carbohydrates and fat.

This means no more mid-day cravings for KOI bubble tea and say goodbye to late-night cravings for prata!

Eating more low-calorie fruits, vegetables and meats is going to fill you up for lesser calories compared to something that is higher in fat and hence more caloric-dense. If you’re not a fan of the earthy taste of vegetables, perhaps you could opt for cold pressed green juices instead! Each bottle of green juice is a unique blend of fruits, herbs and leafy greens that will make you wonder why you ever disliked veggies so much!

3. Everything in moderation

Completely going cold turkey on your favourite chocolate chip cookie or strawberry shortcake is definitely a no go – it would only result in you binge eating later on! Your brain and your body need time to get used to a change in your habit and your diet. Slowly weaning yourself off of the sweet stuff is likely to ensure that your new diet habits become sustainable for years to come.

4. Stay hydrated

person holding glass of water Lisa Fotios

Image Source: Pexels | Lisa Fotios

People often underestimate the miraculous properties of water. Drinking water can help to treat headaches, staying hydrated has a major effect on brain function and yes, drinking more water can help with weight loss. Hydrating yourself with water throughout the day helps to speed up your body’s metabolism – converting what you’ve eaten into energy at a quicker rate. Drinking some water 30 minutes before a meal can also help to reduce your food intake!

5. Juice cleanse

fruits on table pexels

Image Source: Pexels

Losing weight should not be the main purpose of a juice cleanse. After all, the main objective of a juice cleanse is to give your digestive tract a break while your body redirects its rejuvenating efforts to the other various parts of your body. However, weight loss could be a secondary effect of a cold pressed juice cleanse! What’s more, a juice cleanse will help to reset your diet palette and encourage you to adhere to a healthier diet. As they always say: Weight loss is generally 75% diet and 25% exercise.

These 5 tips aren’t sure-fire ways of losing weight because every body is different – what works for one may not work for another. Finding the right weight loss method for you will take time and patience – it won’t be something that happens overnight like how many ads seem to promise. But once you’ve found what that works for you and stick to it, it wouldn’t be just a weight loss journey anymore, it would be a journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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