How You Can Lose Weight The Healthy Way

How You Can Lose Weight The Healthy Way

For many, detoxing the body is usually the primary focus of a juice cleanse. However, there are also some for whom losing weight with detox juices play a greater role. Consuming detox juices for weight loss is not a new concept. Going on a juice cleanse is a great way to load up on a variety of minerals, vitamins, fibre and antioxidants – all of which aid in revving up your metabolism, enabling you to burn more calories. Wondering how detox juices can help you lose weight yet stay healthy at the same time? Antidote is a leading supplier of health juices in Singapore, and this article looks into how a juice cleanse aids with weight loss, in addition to offering a host of other health benefits. 

Supports the immune system through fasting

Antidote Bottled detox juice with different flavours for cleansing and weight loss

Your body goes into a fasted state when you consume only juices and omit solid foods from your diet. Fasting comes with a range of benefits, but one of the most notable ones is immune system rejuvenation. While in a fasted state, your body begins to deplete glycogen stores. The biochemical processes involved in using stored glycogen promotes healing in the body. In addition, fasting can signal the body to rid itself of damaged cells and produce new ones. A juice cleanse can help mimic the fasted state in this way, and therefore, help in boosting the immune system even as you lose weight.

Promotes detoxification

A juice cleanse can support your body’s detoxification, on top of providing a source of antioxidants and nutrients at the same time. When your digestive system is allowed to take a break, the body can then focus its attention on removing stored toxins instead of metabolising food. Fruit and vegetable juices are also rich in antioxidants, which helps in fighting free radical damage in the body. 

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Easy absorption of nutrients

Woman pours her detox juice drink for cleansing and a healthy lifestyle

Juicing extracts most of the fibre from fruits and vegetables, which allows for easier absorption of vitamins. Many have also found that they can take in higher amounts of fruits and vegetables when in a juice form. Additionally, research has found that fruit and vegetable juices have the potential to improve cardiovascular health, possibly preventing the onset of heart disease as you carry out your weight loss journey.

The main purpose of a juice cleanse is to rid your body of the toxins and chemicals that it takes in on a regular basis, giving your system a fresh start. However, it can also serve as a way of losing weight quickly while still ensuring the process is a healthy one. If you find yourself often consuming processed and unhealthy foods, a juice cleanse might just be the way to shed off some pounds and get your digestive system back on the right track.

Looking for a healthier means of losing weight and kick starting a fitter lifestyle? Antidote takes pride in using only the best quality natural ingredients for our range of health juices. Reach out to our team for more information today!

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