Frequently Asked Questions.

How many days should I cleanse?

Listen to your body. The duration and frequency of your cleanse is a very personal decision, and much of it also depends on your lifestyle and your schedule.

If you’re a first-timer, you may want to try out the Active Cleanse first and see how your body reacts. If your body loves it, you can then work your way up or even extend your cleanse after that.

Cleanses that last for 5 days are the most ideal for rebuilding your body to a clean slate and strengthening your immune system.

How often should I cleanse?

The frequency of your juice cleanse is, again, a very personal decision. Some people cleanse just once a month, some once a week, and some every other day.

Once again, listen to your body. Your body will tell you how often it needs a good cleanse, especially after special occasions like Christmas or New Years’, where you might have eaten more junk food than your body can take.

For first-timers, doing a Active Cleanse every 2 weeks is a great start.

What is the meaning of an 'alkaline' body?

An alkaline body is ideal for good health. To achieve an alkaline body, you have to ingest alkaline food. Do you know that lemons, although acidic by itself, when consumed, is actually alkaline-forming in your stomach? On the other hand, processed foods, coffee, meat, sugar, etc, when consumed, is acid-forming. The pH levels of your body should be slightly alkaline (pH 7.35-7.45); anything below or above this range could lead to symptoms or diseases.

All our juices with vegetables are alkaline-forming in your body. In fact, the higher the content of vegetables, the more alkaline it is. If you’re looking for the cleanse with the most amount of vegetables, you can go for the Vitality Cleanse.

Will I lose weight?

Antidote cleanses are designed for cleansing and delivering nutrition to your body. The rest of your body can heal while your digestive system gets a rest.

Our cleanses are a great way to jump-start a weight-loss diet. The more processed your diet is and the heavier you are, the more likely you are to lose weight. You consume raw, potent juices instead of unhealthy fatty foods.

Our cleanses should result in you becoming more mindful of what you consume even after your cleanse. It should help you to reconsider your diet in favor of healthier food.

Is it true that my body can cleanse itself naturally? If yes, why should I do a juice cleanse?

Yes, your body does have the ability to cleanse itself naturally. It eliminates toxins daily through your bowels, perspiration and other means; you sleep when your body is tired and your body heals when you are sick.

However, the toxins we ingest in modern day’s diet and lifestyle can impair your body’s detoxification process. By cleansing, you are helping your body to do what it does, better.

Since your body spends a lot of energy breaking down solid food daily; by cleansing, you are giving your digestive tract a break and allowing it to release the internal toxin build-up.

Since ancient times, cleansing and fasting was used as a way to bring balance back to people’s lives. Cleansing is truly beneficial for one’s health – it’s not just a diet fad or a popular trend. In fact, once people experience the positive effects of cleansing themselves, they will realise that it is an extremely effective and important health ritual that’s here to stay.

I'm nervous about my first cleanse. Should I do it?

We understand how you feel. For first-timers, cleansing can seem like a big challenge. Our tip for you is to go slow and listen to your body. Even if you fail to cleanse without solid food for 3 full days, that’s fine! Even one day or half a day is a good start for you. You’re giving your body what it deserves – fresh, raw, potent juices to nourish your every cell.

Another tip is to research on cleansing before starting one. This way, you’ll know what to expect and what to avoid – reading this FAQ is a good start!

Once you’ve gotten used to the routine, cleansing will seem less daunting and will come naturally to you.

Will I feel giddy, deprived, or need to go to the bathroom frequently?

How your body reacts to a cleanse is very personal. Some may find themselves relieved from constipation, while some may be unable to have bowel movements during the cleanse. Once again, listen to your body.

If you’re unable to go to the bathroom, drink a light detox tea, such as Dandelion Tea, to aid in that aspect.

If you feel giddy and unable to go on a normal day’s activity, do have some light, healthy snack or a raw salad to gain some energy.

There’s no hard and fast rule to cleansing – you should be in tuned with your body and intuitive to what your body needs.

Where do I get my protein?

Our living plant-based juices contain a significant amount of protein from fruits and vegetables. The nutmylk at the end of each day will also provide you with 18 – 24 grams of protein per day.

If you do need more protein for that day, opt for a cleanse with high protein content – the Active Juice Cleanse – designed for individuals who plan to keep up with their active lifestyles during their cleanse.

I'm pregnant. Can I do a cleanse?

Since our juices are raw and unpasteurised, we do not recommend pregnant women to consume our juices. We recommend you consult with your medical professional before trying anything new when you are pregnant.

I'm lactose-intolerant. Can I do a cleanse?

Yes, Antidote Singapore cold pressed juice cleanses are 100% vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. There are no animal products found in our juices and nutmylks.

I'm on medications. Can I do a cleanse?

If you’re on any medication or antibiotics, please check with your medical professional before starting any cleanse.

What's the difference between Antidote's cold-pressed juice and the normal juices I make at home?

We use the x1 GoodNature and the Norwalk hydraulic press to extract our juices. Both hydraulic presses involves a two step process. Step one involves slow grinding of fresh produce is very much similar to the human chewing action – it opens up cell walls and turns it into pulp. For step two, the pulp falls into a filter bag and the hydraulic press presses the pulp slowly and gently, completely extracting the natural vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and flavours. This slow pressing process enables minimum mixing of air which results in minimum oxidation.

Home juicers, on the other hand, usually made of centrifugal or rotary blade juicer, are a much faster juicing method that generates heat. Heat oxidises and destroys nutrients. Even household slow juicers do not have the same juice consistency (texture and colour)that our hydraulic presses produce.

Cold-pressed juicing is the only method of juicing that enables juices to be bottled without preservatives and still maintain a 3-5 day shelf life. Cold-pressed juices also maintain bright, deep colours which indicates that antioxidants and vitamins are still active and alive.

Why does my juice look/taste different from the last time I bought it?

Our juices are all mixed with precision. We try our best to use the same type of fresh produce every single day. However, due to seasonal changes, we may sometimes have to use different types of fruits and vegetables. Even with the same proportions used, natural fruits and vegetables may vary in sweetness and color by itself.

My juice separated. Is it still okay to drink it?

It’s normal for juices to separate due to varying density of fruits and vegetables. As long as your juice is refrigerated at all times, before its expiry date, and does not taste foul or gassy, it is not spoilt. Give it a good shake and you can start drinking them again.

Why are Antidote's juices so expensive?

At first glance, our juices may seem pricey. We totally understand that. However, every bottle that we prepare for you contains approximately 1kg of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. All the washing, chopping, juicing, cleaning, filtering, mixing, bottling and labelling done behind the scenes also mean that each bottle can take up to 15-30 minutes for us to prepare. We do not dilute our juices ever; every bottle is 100% pure juice. In fact, by purchasing Antidote’s juices instead of making them yourself, you save the time to go down to your grocery store to buy fresh produce, the time to look for recipes of juices that are superior in taste and health benefits, and instead have a professional juicing team and Nutritionist to do that for you. You also save time on all the kitchen work and clean-up.

Why don't you use glass bottles?

We use PETE-1 plastic bottles which are 100% recyclable. Plastic use considerably less energy to be recycled than glass. Plastic bottles are a much lighter option compared to glass, making it easier for us to transport and for you to bring around; which means less fuel is used to create and transport these bottles, lightening its carbon footprints.

I am lactose-intolerant, can I drink your juices and nutmylks?

Our juices and nutmylks are 100% plant-based and lactose-free.

Can my kids drink your juices and nutmylks?

While it is definitely a great way for your kids to consume more fruits and vegetables due to the tasty profile of our juices and nutmylks, we would recommend you consult a medical professional on this matter first.

How long can I store the juices and nutmylks?

You can store the juices and nutmylks for 4 days in the refrigerator, while nutmylks containing coconut can be stored for 2 days. All juices and nutmylks must be kept refrigerated at all times up until the time of consumption. As they are perishable and unpasteurised you need to keep them in the chiller right up until consumption. If you are bringing the juices out, please put them in a cooler bag.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is made from a starter culture together with distilled water, raw sugar and tea. It’s nutrient-rich and contains a variety of antioxidants and vitamins.

Does Kombucha contain alcohol?

Like all fermented products, Kombucha contains a very slight amount of alcohol.

What is the Kombucha made from?

The Kombucha base is made with tea, organic raw sugar and filtered water.

While we recommend a 250ml bottle a day, there is no real recommended daily amount for drinking kombucha. As with everything, we do advise you to drink in moderation.

Can I drink Kombucha daily?

You can drink it daily, but we advise you to drink in moderation.

What is the right way to consume Kombucha?

Do not shake the bottle before opening it. We recommend that you keep it cold (refrigerate) and consume it within 3 days.

I'm breastfeeding/ pregnant. Can I consume your Kombucha?

Since our Kombucha is unpasteurised, we do not recommend breastfeeding or pregnant mothers to drink them. We recommend you consult a medical professional before consumption.

Can my kids drink your Kombucha?

Our Kombucha, like other fermented products, contains a trace amount of alcohol (less than 0.5%) due to natural fermentation process (like Kimchi). We would recommend you consult a medical professional first.

What if I'm also eating probiotic foods and/ or supplements?

We recommend that you reduce the amount of other fermented food or probiotic supplements you are eating if you plan to eat it together with our Kombucha drink, so that you are consuming in moderation.

Does the Kombucha contain animal products, dairy, or gluten?

They only contain tea, filtered water and organic raw sugar.

Is Kombucha just a health fad?

Kombucha is actually an ancient drink, with its production dating back more than 2000 years ago.

Why does Kombucha contain sugar?

Just like in yogurt, the Kombucha cultures are fed with sugar to aid fermentation.

Why does my Kombucha taste different this time?

Your Kombucha can taste slightly different due to ongoing fermentation in the drink.

How does the subscription work?

The subscription works as a simple monthly plan where we will deliver the juices to you on your preferred date. You would not be required to make multiple orders, just a one-time set-up would do!

How does the subscription payment work?

You will be billed monthly for your subscription. The first payment will be upon placing your order, and subsequent payments will be at the start of subsequent months.

And what are the advantages of a subscription compared to a normal purchase?

After the one-time set-up, you’re good to go! Signing up for a subscription would not only save you money, you also won’t need to be concerned about forgetting to place an order!

Can I change the bottles or cleanse package of my subscription?

Yes, you can! Just give us 2 days advance notice if possible before the delivery date to change.

If I am going overseas for 1 to 2 weeks, can I pause my subscriptions for that period of time? How would it work?

Yes, we can pause your subscription for you and continue when you’re back from your trip! Just contract us via any of our communication channels.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

You can contact us at any time to cancel your subscription. However, you would have to finish your current month’s subscription.

Can I order a subscription for someone else as a gift?

Yes you can! Just kindly provide us the details of the person receiving it and we’ll get in touch with that person!

Can I change the delivery location?

Yes you can. Do give us a 2 days advance notice if possible via any of our communication channels.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our product!

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