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Juice cleanses are diet plans comprised of fruit and vegetable-based juices and smoothies that replace your normal diet. Antidote’s 100% cold-pressed juice cleanses help benefit your nutrition, and can help you achieve weight loss and detoxification. 

Juiced fruits and vegetables increase your consumption of raw enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants and other phytonutrients.

The Benefits of Cleansing Regularly

Higher Energy

Raw nutrients and enzymes get absorbed into your system faster, resulting in increased energy levels.

Radiant Skin

Antioxidants in juices fight off free radical damage and reverse aging. Water content in juices also help to hydrate the skin; giving you a glowing complexion.

Metabolism Boost

Enzymes present in raw juices transfer their energy into your cells, boosting your metabolism and increasing your fat-burning rate.

Smaller Appetite

You’ll realise the true size of your appetite once you eliminate guilty pleasure foods and snacks from your diet.

Better Healing Ability

While giving your digestive tract a much-needed rest, your body focuses its energy into healing other parts of your body, such as your metabolic organs, skin and nervous system.

Healthier Digestive System

Vegetable juices are alkaline-forming in your stomach; restoring your body’s pH levels, the health of your colon and minimizing undesirable bad bacteria growth.

Increased Mental Clarity

Cleansing speeds up toxin elimination from your nervous system, helping you to feel sharper and more focused.

How to Cleanse

Drink It All

Consume every bottle, throughout the day. That's six for each day of the cleanse! You'll get hungry if you skip any bottle, and that might lead to unwanted snacking.

Take Your Time

It might be tough to slowly drink each bottle of juice, especially if you're hungry. However, consuming our juices slowly helps your body to properly digest all the nutrients.

But Not All At One Go!

Space them out evenly throughout the day. Start with Bottle 1 and end with Bottle 6. We recommended scheduling between two to three hours for each bottle.


Hydrate with water in between each juice. This is the time to clear out your body. You may be visiting the bathroom very often.

Boost Your Cleanse Process

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your next cleanse.

Get Some Sun

Vitamin D is great for boosting the immune system. Sunlight also helps to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. A 15 minute walk outside is good enough.


Stretching is one of the most important things you can do during your cleanse. By stretching, you are allowing blood to circulate, and making sure that your system is delivering nutrients you are consuming to every part of your body.


Work on your mental well-being by being more mindful of your mood and the things around you.

Why Drink Juice?

You can improve your overall health by drinking juices made from fruits and vegetables that are rich in minerals like potassium and vitamins like Vitamin C. It’s also a rich source of antioxidants, and plant compounds that may protect against disease.

They can help you feel more energetic thanks to anti-inflammatory compounds that augment your immunity, while healthy enzymes in juice can help with digestion too. Toxins can also be flushed out of the body when you drink healthy juices.

Juices can reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease. There’s even a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease for people who drink juice three or more times each week.

Drinking juice is a delicious way to supplement your body’s intake of fruits and vegetables, especially if you find it hard to include them in your daily diet.

Why Cold-Pressed?

Cold-pressing works by steadily squeezing fruits and vegetables. These juices are more nutritious, because only the slightest amount of heat is involved so enzymes and nutrients aren’t destroyed.

Pasteurised juicing methods lose much of the vitamins and enzymes because of the high temperatures the fruits and vegetables are subjected to. To ensure harmful bacteria doesn’t grow during the packaging process, chemicals are added to the ingredients. However, these juices also lose the good bacteria along the way.

While being cheaper and faster, rotary or centrifugal juicers suffer from the same disadvantages. Fruits and vegetables oxidize faster because they are exposed to air while being spun and shredded by blades in the juicers, which also cause them to lose enzymes, vitamins and good bacteria.

Our juices don’t contain any added sugar, artificial colouring or preservatives. They should always be consumed within 3-5 days upon delivery and stored at the right temperature.

Why Cleanse?

Juiced fruits and vegetables help you increase your consumption of raw enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants and other phytonutrients. Cleansing doesn’t just help you lose weight, it helps to remove toxins too. This enhances digestion, alleviates headaches and boosts your energy levels.

Our cleanses are the perfect reset from all those guilty pleasure foods. They make for a great first step into a healthy lifestyle! It’s simple – just follow our one, three or five day plans for any cleanse of your choice.

Pre-Cleanse Preparations

Your cleanse journey is unique and personal. The more processed food, caffeine and alcohol you have consumed in the past, the more you may experience detox symptoms. This is all part of the journey and a big step towards a healthier body. The symptoms you may experience include giddiness, constipation, diarrhoea and migraines. However, they should be mild and should not interrupt your normal daily routine.

Try to clear your schedule before your cleanse so that you may get enough rest and maximise its positive effects.

  • Clear your schedule (try not to schedule dinner dates or parties)
  • Do your research and find out more about cleansing
  • Schedule massage sessions, yoga or meditation classes
  • Start drinking plenty of water to prepare your body

Eat More Of:


After Your Cleanse

Pat yourself on the back for the great job done. Cleansing is challenging, especially for first-timers, and you have completed it. Continue to hydrate yourself well throughout the day. On the morning after your cleanse, drink a light smoothie to introduce some fiber back into your body. During lunch time, have light salads, fruit, vegetable soups or broths to ease solid food back into your system.


Fresh Foods

Continue to opt for fresh and whole foods after your cleanse. Going back to fast food, processed foods and foods high in sugar and salt will put your cleanse to waste.

Stay Active

Exercises such as yoga are great for staying active and slowing down ageing. It improves oxygenation and blood circulation and helps to tone your muscles. Doing yoga in the long run is extremely beneficial for your health.


The best part of a juice cleanse is that you don’t have time to eat because you’re too busy telling everyone you’re on a juice cleanse.

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