A Daily Routine for a Healthy Body and Mind

Ever wondered what it takes to stay fit? These are some habits that can help you become healthy – both for the body and the mind.

1.       Take the scenic route when you walk Are you walking for the National Steps Challenge? Here’s how you can clock in a few extra steps on that pedometer: take the route less travelled. Instead of waiting at your nearest bus stop or train station, get out of the house a few minutes earlier and walk to the next one. If you’re trying to stay away from crowded public transport, then walk to your destination if it’s only a bus stop or two away. Try climbing the stairs instead of taking the lift for another way to get that cardio in! Tip: To start earning Healthpoints for the HPB National Steps Challenge, take at least 5000 steps each day! Set your own personal goals to increase your step count little by little every day. 2.       Get Up! COVID-19 has got all of us #WorkingFromHome and its easy to feel like you’ve gone from being glued to your office chair to your chair at home. Take a short break every 20 minutes or so to walk and stretch your legs, or get some light exercise in. You can get stiff muscles from sitting down for too long. Check out “Deckercise” at this link here: https://www.healthline.com/health/deskercise 3.       Run Baby Run Being cooped up at home can deprive you of much-needed sunlight and your daily dose of Vitamin D. A study found that early morning light can help reduce hunger especially in people who were sleep-deprived. (Be honest – how long did you sleep last night?) A great way to get sunlight in the morning is simply to go out for a run! In fact, the body uses more of its fat reserves when you’re exercising before eating anything. Morning exercise shifts your body clock so that you feel more awake earlier in the day (and more tired earlier at night), which makes it easier to keep up this routine. Get your favourite Nutmylks in a pack for a great post-workout drink: https://antidote.sg/test/product/diy-cold-pressed-juice-pack/ 4.        Become your Hero/Heroine No, we’re not talking about the Boys Like Girls song. Everyone has a person they look up to (or maybe are slightly envious of inside), be it for their physical fitness, charisma, intelligence or more. Stop yourself from feeling jealous, and work towards becoming just like them! Don’t look at how you’re lacking, look at how you can improve instead. YouTube can be a great source of motivation if you look for motivational videos. There are plenty of inspiring people and stories that can give you the push you need to become You 2.0. 5.       Ready, Aim, Fire! A great way to continually motivate yourself is by setting realistic, but challenging goals. There’s no point either in trying to achieve something impossible like flying, but it also defeats the purpose of setting goals if you’re not willing to step out of your comfort zone. Every journey starts with a single step, but you must make each step a meaningful one. 6.       You are what you eat Clean up your diet and start eating right! Consume food that keeps both your body and brain healthy. Your diet should include foods like eggs, fish, juice and milk. Check out Antidote’s healthy juices here: https://antidote.sg/test/all-juice/ 7.       Start your morning the right way – without coffee That’s right, we said something controversial. It sounds dreadful to skip the morning coffee – it’s not just for you, it’s for the people around you right? Don’t worry, you don’t have to forgo it altogether, just hold off from drinking coffee until an hour after you’ve woken up. Your body produces cortisol, a hormone which controls your sleep cycle and your energy levels throughout the day. Early-morning coffee can disrupt the beneficial effects of cortisol. Substitute coffee for a refreshing glass of lemon water or vegetable juice instead!

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