5 Benefits of Cold Pressed Juices

5 Benefits of Cold Pressed Juices

Cold-pressed juices have been around for decades, but they were only thrusted into the spotlight a few years ago when detoxification through natural juices became a worldwide trend; in fact, cold-pressed juice in Singapore has become almost ubiquitous in the form of hip, young shops catering to a more health-conscious crowd. What sets cold-pressed juices apart from other commercially produced juices is that, as its name suggests, the ingredients and nutrients that go into the juice mix are extracted from a hydraulic press instead of conventional methods. Just how different then, are cold-pressed juices, and what are their benefits? 

High in Vitamins and Other Nutrients

Pressed Juice Singapore High in Vitamins and Other Nutrients

Cold-pressed juices are more often than not, costlier than other forms of commercial juices, and for good reason too. This is because cold-pressed juices contain a higher concentration of fruits and vegetables that go into making them. In other words, when you buy cold-pressed juice in Singapore, you’re getting a beverage that is full of healthy vitamins that your body requires to stay in excellent shape and function throughout the day. This ranges from Vitamin C, found in citrus blends, to potassium in leafy greens. With busy schedules getting in the way of having a balanced diet, cold-pressed juice is a good way to meet your nutritional needs.

Promotes Weight Loss

Pressed Juice Singapore Promotes Weight Loss

If you find yourself struggling to go on a diet, drinking cold-pressed juice in Singapore could just be the solution for you. With such a high concentration of fruits and vegetables packed into a single serving, it allows you to feel full from consuming just a small amount. Additionally, fruits and vegetables are naturally low in calories so you can enjoy the goodness and refreshing properties of juices without the guilt. 

Get More Nutrients

Pressed Juice Singapore Get More Nutrients

Arguably one of the biggest benefits to cold-pressed juices comes from the way they are made. As no heat or oxygen is used in the cold-pressing process, nutrients aren’t lost like they normally would during pasteurisation. On the contrary, vitamins and enzymes can be lost or destroyed through commercial juicing, while cold pressing maximises the liquid and nutrients obtained from fruits and vegetables. In short, you get to enjoy more juice and nutrients with cold-pressed juice in Singapore. 

Rich in Enzymes

Pressed Juice Singapore High in Vitamins and Other Nutrients

Freshly pressed juice in Singapore has naturally occurring enzymes that can’t be found in regular commercial juices. These enzymes are absorbed into your body in the same manner as vitamins and they are essential to your health in that they fortify your body and aid digestion. The enzymes are also necessary for digesting food, stimulating the brain, providing cellular energy, and repairing tissue.

Could Potentially Slow Ageing

Pressed Juice Singapore Could Potentially Slow Ageing

Antioxidants are one of the most important components of wellness and can only be found in fruits and vegetables. Without a balanced diet comprising both, you risk compromising your body’s ability to prevent oxidation, which is a major contributor to cellular functional impairment. Antioxidants may also protect your cells against free radicals, which may play a role in heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses. Cold-pressed juice in Singapore gives you a healthy dose of both fruits and vegetables, and by extension, the antioxidants that your body sorely needs.

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