3 ways to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet

“Eat your vegetables!” is a commonly used phrase by many parents in Singapore. Well, it turns out that our parents are right. An average Singaporean diet actually has a lack of fruits and vegetables. 

Only 50% of Singaporeans consume the recommended daily intake of 2 servings of fruits and vegetables

This is a problem because many are missing the benefits of fruits and vegetables such as essential vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fibre, which is important for sustaining a healthy digestive system.

Not sure how to add vegetables to your diet? Here’s how:

Add fruits and vegetables into your favourite meals

Whether it’s ordering your mixed vegetable rice or Nasi Padang, add a serving of vegetables to your plate. If you’re ordering noodles, ask for more vegetables on the side. If you’re craving for a burger, ask for more lettuce or tomatoes. Or, go all-out and swap out the bun for a lettuce-bun. Ordering Poke Bowls for lunch? Swap the rice base for a salad base! 

These are small steps that go a long way when we keep in mind how much vegetables we eat daily.

Substitute your snacks with fruits and vegetables

If you have trouble consuming your fruits and vegetables together with meals, try them out as snacks! Try substituting bananas or apples for your pretzels and peanut butter. Having some compromise in your snacks will not only resolve your hunger pangs but also help you to wade off unhealthy, sugary snacks from your diet.

Consume Juices

Juices are a quick and easy way to get vegetables into your diet. The nutrients found in the juices are quickly absorbed by the body so that you can get the most out of each sip. 

However, this isn’t true for many store-bought juices on shelves which can contain added sugar and high amounts of preservatives. Instead, opt for raw, unpasteurized cold-pressed juices to get the most vitamins and nutrients from each serving.

Antidote’s range of juices are a great way to get your recommended intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Each bottle of cold-pressed juice from Antidote contains up to 1.5 kg of fruits and vegetables. 

Not only that, Antidote uses ingredients that are high in soluble fibre, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, citrus fruits and celery. This means that each serving of juice also contributes to your daily fibre intake. 

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